My First Ever Plane Ride

During my childhood years, I was one of those kids who would wave above whenever an airplane or a helicopter passed our home. I would always wonder how would it feels like to be there, sitting, looking through the window, and be able to see the clouds from a near distance. And finally, a childhood dream was realized on the last 13th of July.

I was nervous yet super excited that I didn’t even bother sleeping. Our flight to Panglao, Bohol from Davao Philippines was at 7:00 in the morning. When we got to the airport, it was like I was with my younger self, I could feel how happy she is. I took pictures but not a lot that people would think that it was my first time—silly me. When I got on board, I took the time to immerse myself in everything that was inside. “This is not a dream anymore, Kath,” I told myself. We flew to the sky and were able to finally see clouds up close. The whole ride was pretty amazing except for the landing part where my eardrums were about to explode from my ear—that part was not exciting. Glad we arrive safe and sound.

I will always treasure that moment and that will always be one of the best rides that I will forever treasure. You might think that your dreams are silly, or childish or maybe you thought that you’ll never be able to realize them but all of that thoughts are just in your head. As long as you are breathing, it will never be too late to make your dreams come true even if it will take time, courage, and money.

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