My younger brother will be visiting us in the city shortly, and this will be his first solo trip. While traveling alone is an exciting experience, it also scares the hell out of some people, especially if you came from the province and only used private cars to get to the city, or if you’re riding the bus with your parents and you rely on them so much that all you care about throughout the ride is holding your puke because honestly, a 4-hour bus ride makes us dizzy, lucky for those who don’t.

I could still remember my first time doing it, and thankfully, I wasn’t too anxious. But, considering how my younger brother might react, perhaps these subtle hints would alleviate some of my worries.

Here are the things you could do if you’re going to travel for the first time alone:

1. Ask a friend/ family/ or Anyone who is familiar with the place

It is obvious that asking people is a powerful and successful strategy. If you are unfamiliar with the area or have no clue where the bus will stop, ask someone you trust and are aware of who is familiar with the area to which you are heading. 

2. Google Map

My closest companion. We don’t always have the courage to ask others, but we have our pal Google Maps. I recall the first time I rode a jeepney, I had no idea where I was going, so I used Google Maps just to keep track of the place we are passing.

 3. Search for Videos Online

A lot of advice could be found online. Just take some time to make some effort and search for it. 

4. Have a lot of extra money in your pocket

 Just in case you would end up traveling farther than the place you were supposed to be going to, the extra money would help you to ride back. LOL

 5. Relax…relax…relax…

Relax. If you are not confident enough to go alone, ask someone to accompany you, or perhaps it is not the right time for you to do it. If you are still questioning, there are several things you should avoid doing; but, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Have a safe trip!

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