Does this line familiar to you?

I know. But this blog has nothing to do with Taylor Swift’s Song “Dear Reader”, however, that line is so powerful that you could really practice it in your life and might even help you achieve the things that you wanted to achieve.

You see, we all love giving unsolicited bits of advice. “You should do this”, “you should’ve done this”, “it would have been better if”, and so on. We are also a receiver of advice from different people—from your mom, dad, friends, relatives, that speaker guy on Youtube, that millionaire on Tiktok and so many more.

The question is, “Who’s advice should you follow?”

If you wanted to achieve financial freedom, would you follow the pieces of advice of your mom who doesn’t value financial literacy?

If you wanted to grow your money, would you listen to the advice of your aunt who doesn’t have savings and thinks money is the root of all evil?

If you wanted to be intelligent would you follow your uncle’s advice who hasn’t touched a book?

Would you sign up for a swimming class for someone who is drowning?

The truth is nothing is everything is up to you but the thing is, whatever action you’ll take, it will always have its consequences—they could be positive or negative. And you mister should never blame anyone for it because you had the choice to choose in the first place. YOU ALWAYS DO HAVE A CHOICE.

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