Just Do It Now

If you want to change something from your habits, routine, or anything, do it now. Don’t wait for the new year to come just so you could give yourself some reasons to not do it on the remaining days of this year.

We’ve all been there of wanting to start something on a specific date that is yet to come—I’ll start going to the gym after my birthday, I’ll just start saving after I turn 25, I’ll start building a business after I get married, I’ll stop drinking on Feb. 20, I’ll wake up early starting next year. While some succeed in this change, most didn’t. And that is because, after days or weeks, you’ll just lose the drive to do it. After all, if you were so into it, you could have started it the day that you decide to do it.

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

You will never be prepared enough—no successful people ever were, they just got the drive and some knowledge and jumped in. You’ll learn throughout the process and even if you fail, you’ll still going to try and try and try again because no matter what it takes, you’ll still do it. You’ll do it because that’s what you wanted.

Do it now or tomorrow. Don’t wait for a day that we still aren’t sure to come.

But who cares, anyway?

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