(This is a personal learning of someone who is still learning, this might or might not work for you.)

  • Learning to do my makeup at 18 was one of the big things I’m thankful for myself.
  • Exercising regularly and being aware of what you eat are beneficial to your body, mind, and soul.
  • Reading a book of your interests is a great start to reading more books whether it is in Filipino or English language.
  • You will never know the answer to everything, so ask, don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • In doing something new for the first time, think of it as a test rather than something you’ll do forever. In that way, you’ll calm yourself from the anxiety.
  • Always put that smile on your face. It will do better than harm.
  • Dream big and do big. 
  • Sing even if you are deaf-tone. Dance even if it’s not your field of expertise.
  • You don’t have to follow the template of the society laid for you.
  • Making your template can be scary but exciting.
  • You can cut off anyone who doesn’t do good for you—it could be your classmates from high school, your childhood friend, or maybe your parents and some relatives.
  • Learning the basics of financial literacy at this age is a great start.
  • Make a lot of mistakes that don’t include being against the law.
  • You will never learn from your mistakes if you won’t acknowledge them.
  • Organizing your bed, workspace, and bedroom can be therapeutic.
  • Your playlists will unconsciously affect the way you think as well as your perspectives about your life. So, choose your songs wisely.
  • You can study and work without being stressed. Yep, it’s possible.
  • Drinking and smoking aren’t the only things that make you look cool, it could also be helping other people, doing something you love, creating your masterpiece, being kind, and wearing clothes of your style.
  • An extrovert can become an introvert the moment she realized how she could do big and great things alone.

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