For the longest time, I’ve believed that happiness is something you arrive at or maybe receive. And it’s true that whenever we would finally buy the things we are dreaming to have, we’ll feel that high in Dopamine but as days would go by, things would become normal. It’s also true that when we arrive at the stage we’ve worked so hard on, we’ll feel that pleasure.

But the thing is, we tend to think that we can’t be happy unless we are in that moment.

What I’ve learned is that happiness isn’t something you arrived nor received but it is something you’ll find wherever you are right now.

I find happiness in knowing that I’m breathing.

I find happiness in knowing that I have a roof above my head.

I find happiness in seeing my nephew giggling.

I find happiness in having deep conversations with my older brother.

I find happiness by playing music. I find happiness in reading books. I find happiness by just being able to write this.

Even in the smallest thing, there is happiness that sometimes we tend to neglect or take for granted.

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