2023 RECAP

It’s been a long time since I posted an entry on this blog, so here’s a recap of my eventful year that no one asked for. 

January: Returned home to my family in the province, disagreed with my mom, and decided to postpone my visits for the time being.

February: Nearly completed my gap year and chose to pursue accountancy upon my return to school instead of dentistry.

March: I started preparing for accountancy, purchased accounting books, and continued to pursue my passion on the side.

April: Not much happened, but I reintegrated physical activity into my routine.

May: Experienced the loss of my grandpa and revisited the province to attend his burial.

June: Opted to return to black hair after struggling with dry, bleached hair.

July: Finished my gap year, enrolled as a freshman in a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy program, and visited Manila for the first time. Tried Pilates.

August: Met numerous new people in college, enjoyed class recitations, and attempted to balance school, work, and passion. Experienced nightly emotional moments.

September: Traveled to Manila again, attended morning classes with little sleep, skipped breakfasts, continued nightly emotional moments, enjoyed class recitations, disliked the school’s outdated methods, and ultimately decided to drop out of college.

October: Finally got some rest, still pondered whether dropping out was the right decision, reconnected with college friends, refocused on priorities, and continued learning about accounting.

November: Regained focus, visited Manila again, and resumed studying, this time in a digital college taking Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

December: Dedicated the month to self-care and “me time.”

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